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Innovative Investigative Services
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RF Countermeasures Sweeps

Innovative Investigative Services has also teamed up with our Ottawa Partner, HiPoint Technologies to provide Countermeasures Services to clients. Together we can secure your offices and buildings against invasive bugging devices.

Whether it be a simple RF transmitting device or more sophisticated Blue-tooth capture devices, we have the equipment and manpower to do a complete and thorough sweep.

We check the RF spectrum from top to bottom with expensive RF analysis equipment as well as a complete "Physical" search of the premises. The results are compiled into an easy to comprehend report that we have in the past provided to both Government and large Corporations' to give them "peace of mind" while conducting proprietary business on their premises.

Be sure that your sensitive materials are not being stolen. Be Smart and call IIS and HiPoint Technologies to do a complete and thorough sweep of your premises.


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