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Innovative Investigative Services
Monitoring Equipment | Asset Tracking | Covert Surveillance | RF Sweeps

Video Surveillance, Monitoring,
Remote Video & Audio Monitoring Systems

Using the latest technologies, we can secure your premises against theft and property damage as well as track products or shipments in Ontario or Canada.

Surveillance equipmentWe can install a wide variety of equipment that can be used to monitor homes, cottages and workplaces both locally and from remote locations across the WAN (Wide Area Network) to give peace of mind when you are away. Plus, the on site DVR recorders will record every movement within your premises for up to 30 days!

You can watch time clocks, assets within your premises and even have secured areas under 24 hour surveillance, all within reach of your fingers . If you have an event that needs to be viewed, it's as simple as using a VCR to rewind to any date and check any camera for the evidence. You can even send the video to Your iPhone™ or RIM™ Device. Watch what's going on anywhere with your mobile device!!!

Surveillance Equipment

Using High Resolution Products from Sony, Sanyo and Speco Technologies, you can have full color video both Daytime and Nighttime Tamperproof and Weather Proof or indoor cameras are available. As well as Covert cameras
Security Camera Infrared Camera
Sony High Resolution CCD Imager Passive Infrared Detector
Covert Color Camera

Video Monitor

By incorporating Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) technologies you can have a single high resolution camera that can roam the complete property or just a single area down to the finest detail. Need to watch a time clock from 200' away... no problem..... or zoom in on the entrance to your property.... easily done.....

Video evidence can be exported from the DVR in a "Watermarked" format that is both tamperproof and acceptable evidence to Law Enforcement. The exported evidence is in DVD format with a "built -in" player that acts just like a VCR player in any Windows™ platform or compatible PC. We have helped many companies already stop vandalism, theft and employee harassment.

Why guess what is happening at your home/cottage or office when you can know 24/7 what's going on. We can make it happen. Call for a free quote and estimate. We will come right to you and discuss your options... Protect yourself. Protect your rights!

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