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Innovative Investigative Services
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Covert Video Surveillance

Innovative Investigative Services can also provide you with advice and products to "covertly" view and record events and or locations, thus providing you with another level of "portable" flexibility and security.

We have portable recording equipment including miniature Cameras and Microphones that combined with a compact portable DVR can be installed in virtually anything from Laptop bags to purses, dolls .... whatever you wish. They are invisible, noise free and virtually impossible to discover.

Covert Surveillance EquipmentWant to find out who is stealing from your back room stock....or see who is entering or leaving a secured area over a 12 hour period.... we can Help!!!!

Seen here a 16 Hour Digital Video Recorder with "Lipstick" camera and covert Microphone. A totally portable solution that can be hidden almost anywhere for "short Duration" covert applications.

Why guess at who or what is responsible when you can find out for sure what's happening. Innovative Investigative Services has used devices like this to provide "clear and unmistakable" evidence that can be used to substantiate termination of an employee or contractor. Or just as a "short term" evidence collection tool for any application.

At Innovative Investigative services.... we have seen it all. No question is silly or stupid when it comes to protecting your rights!

Call us for a free consultation any time and remember, we have EX Law Enforcement Employees on OUR SIDE! They know the Law and we abide by it. We get rid of the bad guys....legally and properly!

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