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Innovative Investigative Services
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Asset Tracking within Ontario & Canada

Using portable GPS/GSM devices, that can be attached to personal property or products you can track people and personal property right at the comfort of your computer screen.


We sell and install the OmniScout (tm) line of products. Using sophisticated GPS and GSM technology, you can deploy their tracking devices and monitor location of practically ANYTHING from a computer console.

Tracking devices

These devices can also alert you to defined parameters you can personally set up and send an e-mail to your mobile device!! Find out if your son or daughter is really obeying speed limits while borrowing the car..... or if a person or product has left a specific area. The possibilities are limitless with GPS and GSM technology....

The Ominscout portable unit seen here has been deployed by Innovative Investigative Services for both Overt and Covert missions.... it's done a few laps around Ontario and Canada!!!

We can help you install and setup products like this! We also rent our own stock of OmniScout (tm) products at a fraction of the cost of purchasing them yourself. From 1 to 20, we can make it happen for you.

Complete "turnkey" solutions for asset or personnel tracking including installation, setup and support are available. Call us for a free quote on what it takes to track whatever it is you need tracked.

OmiScout (tm) and Innovative Investigative Services.....a Formidable Team!

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